All you need is love

Hello everybody

I hope you are all enjoying Valentine’s Day! We have been feeling the love all week in Class RL. We’ve had rose petals and bath bombs in our water, cards and colouring in our creative area, we have painted people we love aaaaand we have picked friends to pose with in our photo booth of luuurve.

Here’s how that turned out…

We had a lovely chat about Valentine’s Day and, as I mentioned earlier, we decided to paint some of the people we love..

Ok start the banging and clapping because there’s something else we have been loving this week… rock n roll!!! We had a fabulous music assembly which inspired us to let our hair down and get rocking. We have had whole bands playing on our ‘stage’ as well as solo guitarists and pianists have flocked to our keyboard. I think we have some rockstars in the making…

After all that I’m ready for a long lie down in a dark room (or 🥂) but before I go here are this weeks best tidiers….

and of course this weeks Superstar! Well done for trying hard with your work!

All that’s left to say is HAVE A LOVELY HALF TERM HOLIDAY and we will see you bright eyed and bushy tailed on Monday 24th.

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

A little bit of this and that

Hello everybody

This week has been super busy! Even busier than normal! So I am afraid there aren’t many pictures to feast your eyes upon 😞

Here are a few of the children making and doing..

We have had a particularly messy classroom this week and not everyone has been tidying up as they get busy BUT here are our best tidiers 😀👍🏼

Thank you for helping to get our classroom tidy again!

Sadly there are no golden ticket winners this week but keep reading at least three times a week and soon there will be more!

Finally, here is this weeks Superstar. Well done for trying to do all the right things in the right way!

That’s it for this week, next week will be fun because love is in the air….

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Kung hei fat choy

Hello everybody

Thank you to those who made it to our Chinese New Year activity day, it was a great day and the children loved having their grown ups in. We hope you all enjoyed it and didn’t get tooo glittery. I know you are here for one thing and it’s not to read my waffle so I’ll stop and show you the pictures 😀

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

I’ve just got the lovely job of showing you this weeks Superstars, yes you read that correctly there are two!

Well done for ALWAYS listening..

and well done for always sitting smartly, listening and trying your best

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Putting a ring on it

Hello everybody

I would like to start with an apology. Technology and I don’t always work together very well but it is particularly frustrating when I have spent aaaages sorting out the pictures, creating the latest blog and publishing it only to find out it hasn’t actually shown up on the blog site. It has happened a few times now and I have no idea why, it tells me it has published and I think fabulouuuus but then I go to do the next weeks blog and the last one is still showing as a draft that no one can see 😡 so I am very sorry if the posts lately have been a bit squiffy with their timings. I will cross everything that this gets to you at the right time 🤞🏼

SO on with the blog. We have been talking about celebrations again with this weeks topic being weddings. We have talked weddings, looked at weddings, written about weddings, drawn weddings, collaged weddings, painted weddings and some of us have even acted out weddings. One young man has certainly had his share of weddings this week and has married quite a few of the young ladies in our class…

You may have heard we have been having a spot of bother with tidying up 😞 BUT it’s not all bad 😀 we have got some SUPER tidiers and here they are!

I think that’s about it for this week except to say congratulations to this weeks Superstar, well done for becoming consistently good at tidying up! 😀👍🏼

Next weeks blog will be all about Chinese New Year, we’re looking forward to all the visitors we’ll be having on our activity day!

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

We’ve gone bonkers for birthdays

Hello everybody

This week has been all about….. birthdays!

We’ve had parties in the role play area, tea parties in the water, ‘baked’ cakes of sand, made party hats, painted yummy cakes, coloured in cake pictures and stuck on candles. We have written guest lists & invites and we even used dictionaries to help us write food lists.

We have had a very busy but very fun week!

All that’s left to say is congratulations to our GOLDEN TICKET WINNER!

Aaaand our Superstar of the week who has been trying hard to learn.

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂


Hello everybody!

I hope you have all had a lovely holiday and (unlike me) haven’t eaten toooo much.

We have been straight into work this week with a lot of focus on toys and what our favourite new toy is. We have written about toys, drawn toys, painted toys and then brought a toy in to play with. Well, most people brought a toy, a few forgot but have had a lot of fun with their lovely friends who have kindly shared their toys, what nice friends we have in RL 😀

For our work we had pictures taken with our toys, those who didn’t have one to show still had a picture taken as no one gets left out 👍🏼 and here they are…

Sadly there are no GOLDEN TICKET WINNERS this week but we do have a few children creeping closer to a ticket so keep reading at least 3 times a week for a tick on the chart.

We do have a new Superstar this week though. Well done for always helping around the classroom and for tidying up even when you haven’t made the mess and haven’t been asked to do it. How thoughtful!

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂


Hello everybody!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I hope you enjoyed the nativity, the children really enjoyed taking part in it and performing to everyone. Weren’t they fabulous!

I know you don’t want to be reading my waffle, you want to be looking at pictures SO here you are…

Aren’t they all gorgeous!

Right there’s just this weeks superstar left to show you…

Well done for all your hard work, for settling in so quickly and for making lots of new friends. It’s like you have always been a part of the class and it is a pleasure to have you!

Right that’s it for this week, I’m off to get ready for the last week.. woohoooooo let’s get the tinsel and glitter out!!!

Ooo don’t forget it’s our Christmas party on Thursday so everyone can come in their own clothes that day, just please remember we still have to go outside to play so try to keep it outdoor friendly.. no ball gowns or high heels 🤣

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂