Farewell Class RL

Hello everybody!

Oh it has been a while hasn’t it, I have missed doing the blog and showing you what we have all been up to. Unfortunately with these crazy times the blog has had to take a back seat BUT I couldn’t let our fabulous class go up to year 1 with out a final farewell blog.

SO here it is, a little peep at how our lovely children have grown through the year with some pictures from their first day compared to some taken fresh off the press today…

Oh it brings a tear to my eyes looking at them!

Bless them aren’t they all so grown up and ready for year 1.

We are so glad we were able to spend these past few weeks with them after it all came to an abrupt end way back in April. It has been lovely to see them all to help them get back into the school routine and prepare them for moving up. We are really reaaaally going to miss them, both Miss Latham and myself wish you all lots of love and luck throughout your times in Stanley and don’t forget you can always pop by and give us a wave.

Right before I need a tissue I’m off.

Take care, stay safe but most of all stay happy


Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 😘

End of term blog.. feel the love ❤️

Hello everybody!

Well now, I did say that was going to be it for a while for the class blogs BUT I just couldn’t resist an end of term blog. Normally at this point I would be showing you pictures of the children when they started at Stanley compared to how they look now and saying ooo look how they have grown. Obviously I haven’t got any up to date pictures to do that with 😞 BUT I will be able to do that in September when we have our class back with us 😀 🎉

So I pondered what I could do, Inthought and thought aaand thought 🤔 Finally I decided to do a few class highlights from the year so far then finish with some lovely pictures from Valentine’s Day and our photo booth, I absolutely love them and I thought it would be a nice way for the children to see their friends. 😀👍🏼

So off we go…

Back in September we had a lot of smiling (& slightly nervous) children who after only visiting for mornings or afternoons joined each other for the first time..

Before the Halloween madness in October we went on a fun (& of course very informative) Autumn walk around the school grounds. It was especially fun to throw the crunchy leaves around

After gazing at fireworks in November but before the start of the super busy run up to Christmas (yes we really do have to start that early) we found time to get dressed up for Remembrance Day and to learn about the war.

Did I mention Christmas? Of course I did because it is such a lovely and busy time. The reception nativity is THE event of the year and a strong favourite for a lot of us, there is no way I could look back at the year without including a picture of that! Even if it does bring back a lot of memories of sweating back stage doing dance moves, actions and whispering smiiiile and siiiing 🤣 it’s worth every second because they put on a fabulous show and looked very cute too

In January grown ups were invited into school again to join in with another fun and creative day, this time to celebrate Chinese New Year. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to see your faces splashed all over another blog 😅 oh no, instead I’m going to show you the Chinese dragon we took turns doing around the classroom to the sound of our musicians. Ok so it’s not quite as glamorous as the usual dragons but we had a great time.

February is where I am going to have to finish because it all went a bit wonky in March didn’t it. BUT I’m going out with an awww moment that I hope you will like, it made me smile looking at the pictures again. A little sad too if I’m honest because I’ve really missed seeing our lovely class every day BUT as I said we”ll all be back together for a while in September so it’s not so bad is it 😀

Here are the pictures from our Valentines photo booth and the paintings the children made of people they love..

Oh aren’t they lovely! 😥🤧

Right that’s it for this school year, it’s been a strange one to say the least but it’s not over yet, I’ll be seeing you in September you lucky lot 😀👍🏼

Stay safe, happy and well

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂 x

Taraaa (for now)

Hello everybody!

I am making this my last blog for a while. As I have explained to some of you already I kept the blog running to keep a link between all of you and us at school. Also for the children to have a peep at their classmates while they were in lockdown. Now restrictions are being lifted and people can make a start to go to see each other (remembering to keep at a safe distance of course). Also, school have issued teachers with an email address so they can keep in contact with parents and answer any questions you may have about work that has been put on the school website. Sooo I’m going to have a little break from doing the blog. I have joined the working rota and am still in school so I may well see some of you if you are in on a Tuesday (hello again Emily😉)

Right here are the useful links..

For contacting Miss Latham..


For  home learning documents and links on the school website..


Click on this link and it should (🤞🏼) take you to the school news page, if you scroll down you will see the heading ‘Summer term home learning update’ if you click on that and then on ‘reception’ you will see what the teachers have come up with 👍🏼

RIGHT THEN that’s the formalities taken care of, now let’s have a look at what you have been up to.. yeayyy!

Last week I asked for any dens that you may have made to read in, Ted just missed the blog BUT I couldn’t leave him ou so here he is in his fabulous tent👍🏼

He hasn’t just been hanging out in his tent, ohh noo, he has been out and about on his scooter and bike, has had lots of dog walks AND when it was super duper hot he cooled himself down with ice cream and a movie night. Sounds fabulous! You will also see him looking gooood in a tie dye T-shirt that he wore to support his cousins in their fundraising. They have managed to get £129 so far towards NHS. WELL DONE! 👍🏼

Jacob also found a way to keep cool in the heat.. in his paddling pool and here he is having a great time with his big brother Harrison. I wonder who got the most hoops? 🤔

Splashing about has been a common theme in the sun. Eryk had a great time at the beach and on walks with his family. Looking cool in your shades Eryk 😎

Eli has been visiting something that lives in the water… ducks 🦆 he went for a lovely walk round Stanley park and even had a sneaky peek at the lions in the zoo (we do that too😉) oh aaand he has helped to paint the shed! What a good job you have done!

Now then. There is a picture coming up that I have struggled with. Oh Oliver what have you done to me 😫

Last week I asked if anyone had found any creatures. Oliver does enjoy looking at snails, slugs and wood lice BUT he wanted to send a picture of this awful thing.. (it looks like it’s the size of a house) and I’m not going to lie, it was very tricky to make a collage whilst trying hard not to look at one of the pictures 🤣

He has also been out and about with a visit to the park to (safely) see some friends and has cooled down with an ice cream 😋 aaand what a lovely picture of him and Evie enjoying the sunset 😀

Well that just about wraps it up for this week and for a while. I am going to finish with a pic from the person I am handing the baton to… Miss Latham. She sent me a picture of some donkeys and here is what she said about them…

Before we all had to wash our hands an awful lot to make sure we keep those nasty germs away on a nice sunny day if you went to the beach you might have seen donkeys . You might even have had a ride on them . Well these are the donkeys from Blackpool Beach . They have gone to stay on a farm by the sea for a while. They do miss all the boys and girls who came to play on the beach but they are happy at the farm in fact they have been a little bit spoiled  – they have just had their coats clipped and had a bath so they are cooler in the hot weather! When they get hungry they love to eat carrots and hay . During the day they go outside into the grassy fields but at night they come into the barn where they go to sleep on the straw. 

And now it really is time to say taraa , not goodbye because (at the risk of sounding all Arnie) I’ll be back…

Please please stay safe, stay well, look after each other and stay happy.

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Who’s in a den?

Hello everybody

Oo hasn’t it been a hot week! Scorchio! ☀️

I hope you have enjoyed the sunny ‘holiday’ and have kept safe (with distancing as well as sun cream). Last week I asked if any one has a special reading place or a den and here’s what we have been sent..

Jacob has been hanging out in his Lightning McQueen tent, it’s lovely to read in (& stops the glare on his iPad 😉)

Oliver has been hiding behind the settee with Evie to have a read AND has been chilling in the garden 😎

They have also been keeping busy doing work, going to the beach and spying at animals as well as more chilling.. in the pool

Eli was far too busy to be in his picture, he had army men to command in the garden! 🤣

Hope you don’t mind but I thought I would join in too and show you my favourite place to read.. in the sunshine ☀️

Eryk has been far too busy to show his reading den, he’s been helping with the cleaning! Oo when you’ve finished your house you can come and help me do mine 😉👍🏼

I’m afraid that’s it for this week, I’m sorry it’s a bit rushed (and late) but it’s been one of those super busy days where time just disappears (& iPads run out of charge🙄)

As it’s sunny and very VERY hot I imagine there’s going to be a lot more time spent in the garden/ outside somewhere SO let’s have a look at what you have been getting up to, how you have been cooling down and if you’ve spotted any wildlife out there. I had a fright when a cheeky bug flew onto my book yesterday! I managed to get a picture so I’ll start you off

It looks just like a leaf doesn’t it!

Please stay safe and happy.. until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Food glorious food

Hello everybody

Oo the day has flown by and I’m a bit late getting this ready, my apologies!

So, what was I on about last week 🤔 ahh yes I asked for any food that you LOVE or LOATHE. I’ll start off… my favourite food is CHEESE. I love love love it every way it comes. in a sandwich, a toastie, on pasta or just munched in lumps BUT when it’s on my most favourite pizza ever I am very happy indeed. Bet you can’t guess my most favourite pizza toppings that I have with it… (I’ll tell you but if you are like my family you will think I am GROSS) my bestest pizza everrrr has cheese, sweet corn, cottage cheese, pineapple and banana, YUM😋 Weirdly I’ve never met anyone else who agrees with me. Strange. Anyway, moving on, my most disgusting bleurgh I hate it food has to be mushrooms. 🤢

Right let’s have a look at what some of you love and loathe..

First we have Betsy, her favourite food is pizza from Pizza Hut and her least favourite is peas. Oh no, I hope the Evil Pea from Supertato hasn’t put you off them Betsy! 😉

Next we have Jacob who loves broccoli (👍🏼) but his favourite snack is smiley faces and he loves fruit. Unfortunately he seems to hate pretty much everything else. Ahh sounds just like my 2 children when they were the same age 😉

Finally we have Oliver who likes lots of food but loves pizza, if he could have it every meal he would, his favourite topping aren’t the same as mine, he likes cheese, ham and pepperoni. Here he is actually making his pizza!

Here’s a peep at Oliver on his visit to Marton Mere where he saw robins, swallows and seagulls through his binoculars 🐦

I’m afraid that’s it for this week. I wasn’t sure wether to give you next week off as it’s ‘half term’ but then I thought for most of us holidays don’t really make any difference at the moment 🤷🏻‍♀️

SO after a few messages between Miss Latham and myself we thought it might be fun to show everyone your favourite reading den! Is it a cosy corner? Snuggled up somewhere? Or maybe an actual den? Can you make a den to read in? We’d love to see it if you do 😀

I hope you have a lovely bank holiday, stay safe, well and happy.

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Pets, past and pastimes

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all well and happy and have had a nice week.

Last week I asked if anyone had and pet pictures they would like to send in, either of your pets or of pets you would like and I’ve been sent a few so here they are..

Oliver and Evie have a 14 year old rescue cat called Amber, even though she is a bit shy and timid she has had a pose for the camera

Charlie has done a lovely drawing of the pet he would choose (and looking at the wall behind him he has been VERY busy making lots of pictures!) He would like a pet rabbit..

The pets that Logan would like wouldn’t be very popular with Miss Latham or myself (eeuuww spider!) but he certainly looks happy with them and has obviously been super busy making his reticulated python!

Florence has a gorgeous hamster called Posie, she is very good at feeding and playing with her but isn’t too keen on cleaning 🤣. I think you’ll all agree she’s a cutie..

Eli has the best names for his fish.. Godzilla, Rainbow and Lego. He has drawn them for us AND written their names, well done Eli!

Jacob looks very happy relaxing with his dog Blue, who I think looks the most chilled out of all our pets

I thought it might be a nice treat to have a few new grown up contributors to the blog this week and have a look at their pets. I’ll start off with my pet Bob. His favourite things are going for walks, sausages, having a sausage on a walk and cooling down on hot days in his very own pool..

Miss Latham has sent a lovely picture of Ben, he really does look very happy sitting in the shade on a sunny day

Mrs Sheehan has two pets in her house, Pebbles the cat and a rapidly growing puppy called Cooper, aren’t they lovely!

It hasn’t all been about pets this week, here’s a peep at what some of you have been up to…

Logan has had a cool down in his pool..

Oliver has made a stencil painting using different colours in one stencil, very clever! He has also had a barbecue for VE Day.

Talking about VE Day Oliver sent in a picture of his Great Grandad who was in the Navy during WW2..

I did say I would have a look for the things my grandad had in the war, after a bit of potholing through eaves I found some of them! So here they are..

This is my grandad, with some of the soldiers he was with and a couple of the badges he wore. Also some of the money that was issued to the soldiers, back on October 21st 1943 he wrote on it that it was a souvenir from North Africa.

All the soldiers carried a piece of paper called Safe Conduct, they had them in case they got into any bother, by handing it in they were able to get looked after. There is also a postcard that was given to the soldiers so they could send messages to their family.

They couldn’t come home for special occasions like Christmas or Easter and had to celebrate where they were. Here is a hymn sheet from Easter (5.4.44) and a Christmas card that my grandad was given.

People had to carry identity cards during and after the war, even children had to have them! It had their details on showing where they live.

There that’s it, I hope you liked the little history lesson, I enjoyed looking through all my grandads things 🙂

Right it’s been quite a big blog this week so I’m going to stop now, I’m getting hungry! That brings me nicely to what we can do next week… FOOD. I don’t know about your household but everyone at our house has been going on & on about food.. SO let’s have a food theme and tell me or show me what your most favourite food is aaaand let’s see what food you reaaally don’t like. Love it or loathe it let’s have a look.

Send it to.. pippa.lewis@stanley.blackpool.sch.uk

Until next time stay safe, happy and well

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Sunny days and gardening

Hello everybody!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading the blog and have contributed again!! 😀👍🏼

Thankfully we have had more sunny days and have been able to keep busy outside, it looks like you have all been busy bees and a few of you have been getting green fingered so let’s have a look…

I thought I would start off by saying helloooo to you all (I didn’t realise until just now that there is someone hiding behind me..) I thought I would show you some of my attempts at gardening, not all successful I’m afraid. There are peas which are growing nice and tall and are flowering, it looks like I might get quite a few strawberries too but my salad seeds are dreadful! If I’m lucky I might get a few radishes and a couple of lettuce 😞 not as good as last year when I grew an entire salad but oh well, it’s fun trying.

Oliver and Evie have started growing strawberries and have a top tip.. if you haven’t got any compost you can use… dried tea leaves! We do love a cup of tea in the Lewis household so I’m going to have a go at that! 👍🏼

Jacob has been planting and growing flowers, his mum tells me he has been taking good care of them and has watered them every day, well done Jacob 🌷

Ted has been having a fab time in his garden on his WATERSLIDE! He has also been on a few walks with his bulldog Buddy and has leaned some new skills. I’ve seen some brilliant underwater swimming! Well done Ted! He has been having a lot of lovely family times at home too and here he is with his family 😀

Emily has been creative and has made a beautiful meadow collage, it makes me feel like I am in a meadow when I see it! She has also been keeping up her reading with biff and chip stories and has painted a very pretty butterfly 🦋

Eli misses going to the zoo so has made his own! I love how he has decorated it and has a water section as well as a grassy area, well done!

I spied some dinosaurs in the back ground too, I knew there would be some nearby 😉

Now then what to do for next week.. 🤔

Quite a few people have mentioned their pets so let’s have a pet/ animal theme! Send me a picture or a drawing of you and your pet, don’t worry if you don’t have one of your very own, you could send in a drawing of a pet you would like or of your favourite animal. Of course I always like seeing what else you have been up to so anything goes 👍🏼 a reminder of where to send them..


Aaaand as it is VE Day today maybe you could show me what you have done to celebrate? Have you made any decorations? Had a special event at your house? Remembered any relatives who did something during the war?

Right then I’m off to see if I can dig out my Nan and Grandads old ration books and things to show you…

Keep on keeping busy, having fun, staying home and keeping safe.

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Keep calm and carry on blogging

Hello everybody!

I think it’s Friday so it’s time to blog. It is Friday isn’t it? All the days are blending together now aren’t they. Anyway, I hope you are all safe and well and managing not to go too stir crazy. I can’t say the same for the Lewis household, we are all well but are definitely going a little bit mad 🤪

I have some news from Miss Latham… she has a new playmate at home! He is called Ben and is 10 years old, have a look at this lovely face..

What a cutie! I think he is keeping her rather busy so there’s no time to be bored in her house. Although it doesn’t look like anyone is getting bored, I’ve been looking through my emails and you’ve all been super busy! Want to see what some of your class mates have been up to? Ok!

Charlie has been doing lots of work in his new books AND has learned to ride his bike WITHOUT STABILISERS! 😮

Eli looks all snuggly while he has been reading his books, and blending sounds together 👍🏼

Emily has made a beautiful butterfly picture and has been reading a brilliant book.. Meg and Mog 😀

Jacob has been up to all sorts! Cricket, football, scooting, gardening and lots of painting (love your dinosaurs) 🦖

Erik has also been very busy, he has been drawing, has camped outside, helped with gardening and has even prepared his brothers birthday pool party! (Happy birthday Oliver) 🎂

Alfie has been having lots of fun with his brother Archie (who he never argues with 😉) He has also played in the garden, has helped with gardening aaand has made some delicious looking cakes 😋 hmmm cake

Oliver has grown lettuce, made a wormery 🐛 aaand has made a poster for all his class friends because he is missing you all! Isn’t that lovely, hope you all like it, I do! 😀 (Evie, I think I spy a little sign for year 4 too😉)

Thank you to everyone who is joining in by sending in your pictures, if you aren’t able to send in a picture then thank you for still reading the blog. As always any pictures or news or messages can be sent to…


Right then I’ve been thinking about what we can do for next week.. As a lot of you have been in the garden and helping with gardening shall we have growing as our theme?? It can be anything you have planted, helped to grow or look after, either inside the house or outdoors. I’ve planted a load of salad seeds but it’s looking like the messy birds have spilt the bird seed from their feeder and I think they are now sprouting instead 🤔 I’m not very green fingered… are you?

Oo I’ve just been given a top tip for anyone growing outdoors.. apparently WD40 stops slugs & snails from eating your seedlings/ plants if you put it around the pot.. not sure if it works but I’m going to give it a go..

If you haven’t grown anything then don’t worry, I would be happy to receive any pictures of what you have been up to, I love getting them and I’m sure your friends love looking at them too 😀👍🏼

Until next time

Stay safe

Miss Latham and Mrs lewis 🙂

🌈 I can see a rainbow 🌈

Hello everybody

Well. I wondered if it would be worth continuing with the blog, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be looking BUT I am very pleased to say that you are!! Hoorayyy! Last week I had some Easter pictures sent in and this weeks request for rainbows has been brilliantly answered. Thank you so much for spreading the word and for sending in your pictures! I can’t tell you just how lovely it is seeing you all looking so happy and seeing that you are keeping busy 😀👍🏼

Before I show you the lovely rainbows here’s a bonnet that was missed off from last week..

What a happy face!

Now to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all our fabulous key workers who are out there keeping everything going, here are your lovely bright rainbows…

Not content with just a rainbow we have a DINOSAUR and a rainbow (I should have known this cheeky chap would have a dinosaur in there somewhere) 😉

Aaand he has been putting all his numbers in order too, well done!!

Thank you, thank you, thankyouuuu to everyone who has joined in! Let’s have another go… this time I’m leaving the topic open so you can send in any pictures of what you have been up to. Have you built something? Drawn something? Found a fun way to do maths or even science? Have you helped to make tea or baked a cake? Orr have you grown green fingers and helped out in the garden? Maybe you just want to send your friends a smile? Or pass on a message to a classmate? Anything goes next week so spread the word and let’s keep in touch as best as we can

Send your pictures or messages to the usual..


I look forward to hearing from you all. In the mean time keep well, keep safe and keep happy

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂

Easter pictures


I hope you are all well!

Did you have a lovely Easter? Have you found all the eggs and stuffed yourselves with chocolate? (I have!! 🤢)

As I can’t take any pictures of the children to show you what they have been up to in class I asked if anyone could send in some pictures of what they had been up to at home. I wasn’t sure if anyone would still be looking at the blog but YEAY THEY HAVE! 😀👍🏼

So here’s a peek into what some of our classmates have been making and doing.

There has been some painting, creating, and cooking…

And Easter bonnet making

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures, it’s so lovely to see what you have been up to! There is normally just one prize for the best picture/ creation but I think I owe you both a colouring competition prize (which I will try REALLY HARD not to eat before I see you again)

I think we’ll have another go at this and I know just the topic.. 🌈 rainbows 🌈

Lots of people have been putting rainbows in their windows to say thank you to everyone who is working very hard so let’s have a look at what you have made. Send me a picture of your paintings/ drawings to pippa.lewis@stanley.blackpool.sch.uk and I will put them on here next Friday. Pass the word around and let’s see if we can get even more people joining in 😀👍🏼

In the mean time stay safe, well and happy

Until next time

Miss Latham and Mrs Lewis 🙂